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Healing Eczema

 One of the areas in clinic I have a deep personal connection to are people who are suffering from eczema.  I understand the insanity of the itch that keeps you awake at night time, that has you clawing at your skin until it bleeds even though your mind is desperately telling you to stop because you are making yourself bleed and it will take days (weeks) for your skin to heal over again.

 I understand the agonising journey of trying to connect the dots to what foods are causing your skin to become inflammed.  I've been through the allergy testing, the dermatologists, the medical fields use of steroids and how thinning they are to your skin over time.  The toll the chronic condition takes on your confidents is immense and you doubt your ability to ever live with clear skin again.  You feel completely hopeless.

The truth is healing skin is complex.  The reason for this is your skin is a sum of what is happening inside your bodies organs, systems and glands.  Topical applications such as creams on their own are not enough.  You must work from the inside out and combine this with topical treatments to heal your skin. 

I lived with eczema for 20 years and I am a living example of what identifying your triggers, finding your allergens, taking care of your emotional and physical self can do for your healing.  I think as individuals we all have a body system weak point.  Take for example the person who always gets sick with respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, hayfever or asthma, or digestive problems such as heartburn, bloating or constipation/diarrhea.   We all have our achilles heel.  If your achilles heel is your skin the first step is to take the necessary steps to heal it, then in the future when you have beautiful, clear skin use it as feedback to tell you how on course you are living your nutritional, physical and emotional life.

If you are suffering from eczema, take heart, you can heal.  If you wish I can help you on your healing journey.




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