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Have your hot flushes raised your body temperature causing you to reach for the fan?

There are a alot of physical symptoms that can arise on the lead up to menopause.  Some women experience so many symptoms that they can feel like they are going crazy!  Often my clients experience relief when they see the list that can be attributed to menopause.  Some of these symptoms are:-
  • joint pain and stiffness, increased weight gain, troubles with sleeping
  • vaginal dryness, UTIs, thrush, painful intercourse, decreased libido
  • high cholesterol, blood sugar problems and many more 
Regardless of whether you are a women who had children, or those who didn't, adopted, foster cared or became a step parent or for those who knew they never wanted children, whatever your journey all women come to this place where eventually menstruation stops naturally.  The average age of menopause is 51 years of age.
The lead up to periods stopping is a natural journey your highly intelligent body leads you through to prolong your life.  Don't doubt your body.  Don't just grip and hold on attempting to just get through this stage.   Seize the opportunity to give yourself an over hall!  Clear out what no longer serves, get to understand your goals now so you can reposition yourself for your second half of your life.  
I have an abundance of dietary, lifestyle, herbal and nutrients you can access to help yourself.  Women are powerhouses!  You can do this :-))

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