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In a world of abundant information always available at our fingertips on the worldwide web why are so many of us suffering from chronic health problems? Most people are highly educated in their health conditions and know what they need to do to better their health. But why aren't we doing it?
Over and over again I hear people in clinic say I know I drink too much coffee, need to eat less red meat, drink less alcohol, stop smoking, exercise (those runners are still sitting in the cupboard), they've lost count on how many times the juicing vegetables had to be thrown out (good intentions). Or you meant to have one row of chocolate and ended up eating 1/2 the block? It's the human condition and it's everywhere.
Don't give up on yourself. You can do it. This is where I believe health practitioners can really help you, as long as they don't overburden you with all the should of what you're supposed to be doing because lets' face it, we all know what we're supposed to be doing!!
If I can be of assistance to you on your journey to better health please PM, call, email or send an SMS. Michelle :)

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