Solutions For Holistic Health And Wellness​

Whatever health stage you are at, Naturopathic medicine can help you!
Western Herbalism

Western Herbal Medicine is effective, it get’s results.  The use of herbal medicine has been around for centuries.  

With the number of diets available in the markeplace it gets confusing to know which diet to choose.


A traditional homeopath will use homeopathic remedies on everybody.  I am more of a herbalist than a homeopath but I do like to use homeopathic remedies with children.  


I liken compounding to a cook who has a pantry stocked with individual ingredients.  With this type of pantry you can make whatever you like to suit the moment.  

Topical Treatments

Are you looking for a personalised body product to treat boils, school sores, eczema, warts and many more? I can help you.

Emotional Wellbeing

For some people emotional wellbeing is their key to healing their dis-ease. Explore how you emotions are impacting your health.

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