Compounding Medicine

Experience a personalised, individual compounded formula made especially for YOU!

I liken compounding to a cook who has a pantry stocked with individual ingredients.  With this type of pantry you can make whatever you like to suit the moment.  

For example one day you decide to make a chocolate cake as a desert for guests coming that night.  Instead of buying a ready prepared packet mix from the supermarket you go to your pantry and pull out your individual ingredients.  You would normally use a wholemeal flour but one of your guests is on a gluten free diet,  Easy.  You simply adjust your recipe and use gluten free flour instead.  

Compounding is exactly the same.  I start with who is the client in front of me, what are their unique needs?  The raw ingredients this time are the individual vitamins, minerals, amino acids and I make a recipe specific for my client.  The advantage of doing it this way is it is tailored, it combines ingredients and therefore decreases the number of supplements required making it cheaper.  Also when you come to take your supplements they are combined so there is less capsules/tablets you have to swallow.  

I make a lot of compounds for heart related conditions such as high blood pressure, palpitations, IVF preparation for both men and women to increase the quality of the egg and sperm, anxiety and depression, insomnia, assistance with sugar metabolism, joint pain and stiffness, viral infections and many many more. 

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